Sentence Examples

  • 4, &c.) and the anonymous blessings commonly called Shemoneh 'Esreh (the Eighteen), together with certain Psalms. (Readings from the Law and the Prophets [Haphtarah] also formed part of the service.) To this framework were fitted, from time to time, various prayers, and, for festivals especially, numerous hymns.
  • The prophets taught that the national existence of the people was bound up with religious and social conditions; they were in a sense the politicians of the age, and to regard them simply as foretellers of the future is to limit their sphere unduly.
  • After this event it grew again into importance and became the site of a college of prophets (2 Kings ii.
  • Wellhausen (3rd ed., 1898); or with the other post-exile prophets, as by Kohler, Pressel (Gotha, 1870), Dods (1879) and others.
  • Kirkpatrick, The Doctrine of the Prophets; G.

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