Sentence Examples

  • Pairing this with the Mayan calendar ending, Nostradamus scholars believe that the statement is projecting that God will intervene on Earth in a powerful way, and that there will be a time of great horrors for humans.
  • Born in December 1503 (scholars peg the precise date as either December 14 or December 21), Nostradamus was a French man known for writing down numerous poetic prophecies about the future.
  • There has also been much interpretation of Nostradamus' theories as signaling the end of the World in 2012, even though the quatrains referenced bear no discussion of 2012.
  • In a nod to the king of clairvoyance himself, many people immediately started comparing Nostradamus' quatrains (sections of his writing) to the 9/11 catastrophe.
  • While the topic has been debated largely (especially on the Internet), there is no definite answer as to whether or not Nostradamus really predicted anything.