Sentence Examples

  • His most popular works, The Liberty of Prophesying, Holy Living, and Holy Dying have been often reprinted.
  • - Let us now briefly sketch the progress of Isaiah's prophesying on the basis of philological exegesis, and a comparison of the sound results of the study of the inscriptions.
  • Amos, it appears, though himself a Judahite, had been prophesying in the northern kingdom, when his activity was brought to an abrupt close by the head priest of the royal sanctuary at Bethel, Amaziah, who bade him escape to the land of Judah and get his living there.
  • They were at pains to insist upon purity of heart and life as an indispensable condition for success in prophesying and to enlist piety in the service of morality.
  • The one clear-sighted patriot saw the full meaning of the tragedy of Megiddo, and for " prophesying against this city " - secured, as men thought, by the Temple (vii.