Sentence Examples

  • His predecessor lulled people into trusting him with charisma and magic.
  • Yet such as shared the spiritual gift (charisma) of missionary power in sufficient degree, were in fact apostles of Christ in the Spirit (i Cor.
  • The apostle prays: "Fountain sent unto us from Rest, Power of Salvation from that Power proceeding which overcomes and subjects all to its own will, come and dwell within these waters, that the Charisma (gift) of the holy Spirit may be fully perfected through them."
  • The "grace of truth" (the charisma), which the apostles had called down upon their first disciples by prayer and layingon of hands, and which was to be imparted anew by way of succession (&aSoxii, successio) to the bishops from generation to generation without a break, makes those who receive it living witnesses of the salvation offered to the faithful by written and spoken tradition.
  • But Irenaeus holds, apparently on a priori grounds, that "elders" who stand in orderly succession to the apostolic founders of the true tradition in the churches, have, "along with the succession of oversight," also an "assured gift of (insight into) truth" by the Father's good pleasure ("cum episcopatus successione charisma veritatis certum secundum placitum Patris acceperunt"), in contrast to heretics who wilfully stand outside this approved line of transmission (adv.