Sentence Examples

  • His work was mainly concerned with electricity and magnetism, though he also made some contributions to optics and physiology.
  • 2; P.T., " Philosophical Transactions Royal Society of London "; T.M., Terrestrial Magnetism, edited by Dr L.
  • Passing briefly over the conclusions arrived at in the Meditations, it deals in its second, third and fourth parts with the general c l principles of physical science, especially the laws of motion, with the theory of vortices, and with the phenomena of heat, light, gravity, magnetism, electricity, &c., upon the earth.
  • If Descartes had contented himself with thus explaining the phenomena of gravity, heat, magnetism, light and similar forces by means of the molecular movements of his vortices, even such a theory would have excited admiration.
  • In 1868 he obtained the same professorship at Edinburgh University, and in 1873 he published a textbook of Magnetism and Electricity, full of original work.

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