Sentence Examples

  • His gentle flirting reminded her of how charismatic he could be, when not telling her she was getting ready to die.
  • Svelte, charismatic and cool, Wynn was the opposite of Rhyn in every way except for looks.
  • Tertullian early in the 3rd century testifies that glossolaly still went on in the Montanist Church which he had joined; for we must so interpret the following passage in his De anima, cap. ix.: "There is among us at the present time a sister who is endowed with the charismatic gift of revelations, which she suffers through ecstasy in the spirit during the Sunday service in church.
  • Andrew Lumley for his part is one in a long line of highly intelligent and charismatic yet utterly amoral Buchan villains.
  • Tragedy struck in 1994 with death of charismatic frontman Lee Brilleaux.

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