Sentence Examples

  • 2 It gives rise to what may be termed the "prophetical interpretation of history" (S.
  • There is the same kind of personification, fresh examples of the "prophetical interpretation of history," and by the side of the older "primitive" thought are ideas which can only belong to this later period.
  • It is significant, therefore, that the narratives in Genesis (apart from P) reflect a certain tolerant attitude; there is much that is contrary to prophetical thought, but even the latest compilers have not obliterated all features that, from a strict standpoint, could appear distasteful.
  • ' For popular religious thought and practice (often described as pre-prophetical, though non-prophetical would be a safer term), see Hebrew Religion.
  • It is also recognized that J and E are non-prophetical and non-Deuteronomic, but it has not been proved that the present J and E are earlier than the prophets or the Deuteronomic reforms of Josiah (2 Kings xxii.

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