Sentence Examples

  • Either the caterpillar postures and escapes, or it does not posture and is eaten; it is.
  • A quite different kind of study, that of the postures of wrestlers in action, is illustrated by a little-known series of drawings, still of the same period, at Vienna.
  • The people had been less interfered with; the change of church government involved no change in the conduct of worship. But the articles passed by the packed assembly of Perth in 1618 touched on the religious habits and postures of the people, and in this it soon appeared that a crisis had been reached.
  • When he was five or six, people took notice of his fondness for playing with his companions at setting out sacrifices, and at postures of ceremony.
  • Audubon has been greatly extolled as an ornithological artist; but he was far too much addicted to representing his subjects in violent action and in postures that outrage nature, while his drawing is very frequently defective.4 In 1866 D.