Sentence Examples

  • You can make a rudimentary setup with a few basic woodworking tools you probably already have in your garage, like a circular saw and an electric drill.Bunk beds are available in twin as well as full combos and in many decorator styles.
  • A homeowner that wants to implement a small turbine system can expect to spend roughly between 10,000 and 80,000 dollars for the setup depending on the turbine size, how much work you do yourself, and permits required by your city.
  • Playing with a couple people in your own home is not where it's at with this one; instead, they geared it towards online play that can actually be a blast if you manage to overcome the janky control setup they rigged you with.
  • A simple seed starting setup consisting of utility shelves purchased from a home and garden center with fluorescent light fixtures suspended from the shelves and a timer to control the light can be created for under $100.
  • Though this isn't quite true disintermediation per se, it does eliminate the traditional used car dealership setup as we know it, resulting in significantly lower selling prices of vehicles purchased via the internet.