Sentence Examples

  • There are conflicting ideas of death and the dead, and among them the belief in the very human feelings and needs of the dead and in their influence for good or ev11.2 Moreover, the proximity of burial-place and sanctuary and the belief in the kindly care of the famous dead for their descendants reflect " primitive " and persisting ideas which find their Holy parallel in the holy tombs of religious or seckular p y g?
  • (Fritz Miller.) and exopodite persisting only as sensory " palps " or disappearing altogether.
  • Still later, amid the satire and Reformation heat of Lyndsay we have the old manner persisting in the Testaments and in the tale of Squyer Meldrum.
  • The effect of them, it was believed, might conceivably be to encourage President Kruger in persisting in his rejection of the British terms. Mr Schreiner, it is true, used directly what influence he possessed to induce President Kruger to adopt a reasonable course.
  • Both belong to the category of " coelomoducts," namely, r- ' tubular or funnel-like portions of the coelom opening to the exterior in pairs in each somite (potentially,) and usually persisting in only a few somites as either "urocoels" (renal organs) or "gonocoels"(genital tubes).