Sentence Examples

  • If you loved a game and are lusting after the sequel, but the reviewers all hate it, it's time to visit one of these places so you can get your fix without the horrible aftertaste of "Ewwww, I actually own this piece of sequelized crap!"
  • In high concentrations, stevia can have an almost licorice-like aftertaste and it can be bitter.
  • While some martini lovers may argue that shaking with ice "bruises" the ingredients and results in bitterness, such a flavor is not unwelcome in this mixed drink that depends on a bit of "aperitif" flavor for the distinctive aftertaste.
  • First, high quality vodka is essentially tasteless; therefore, cheaper vodka may end up cheapening your drink and giving it a bitter or unpleasant aftertaste.
  • The liner makes the bottle taste and scent neutral, ensuring that the beverage within the bottle will not pick up any aftertaste from previous drinks.