Sentence Examples

  • While some martini lovers may argue that shaking with ice "bruises" the ingredients and results in bitterness, such a flavor is not unwelcome in this mixed drink that depends on a bit of "aperitif" flavor for the distinctive aftertaste.
  • First, high quality vodka is essentially tasteless; therefore, cheaper vodka may end up cheapening your drink and giving it a bitter or unpleasant aftertaste.
  • The liner makes the bottle taste and scent neutral, ensuring that the beverage within the bottle will not pick up any aftertaste from previous drinks.
  • Other natural sweeteners may contain stevia, a derivative from plants of the genus Stevia that produces a bitter aftertaste in many palates.
  • Ian Fleming recommended Kina Lillet, a wine combined with citrus flavors that imparts a bitter aftertaste to the perfect martini.