Sentence Examples

  • We have 62=W12+W22+032=P2 (N) 2 Y 2+P2 (A I - 3) 2 If AN, AD be both finite, we learn from (7) that there is no direction perpendicular to the primary (polarized) ray in which the secondary light vanishes.
  • So long as the particles are small no such vanishing of light in oblique directions is observed, and we are thus led to the conclusion that the hypothesis of a finite AN and of vibrations in the plane of polarization cannot be reconciled with the facts.
  • " The vulgar almost imagine him as a finite thing."
  • Given perfect information, frictionless markets, and other theoretical impossibilities, a finite amount of utility can be achieved in that way.
  • There is a finite number of baseballs, beanbags, and balloons.

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