Sentence Examples

  • It does not follow, however, that the attempt to distinguish special races should be given up, for there at least exist several definable types, each of which so far prevails in a certain population as to be taken as its standard.
  • ~ equipment ~ knife di di characterized, and in its most cursive form seems hardly to retain any definable trace of the original hieroglyphic pictures.
  • A solid angle is definable as the space contained by three or more planes intersecting in a common point; it is familiarly represented by a corner.
  • Word is KipKcos, generally used in the form rcpi?cos), a plane curve definable as the locus of a point which moves so that its distance from a fixed point is constant.
  • Up to the present time all attempts to arrange the genera in natural and definable groups have failed to meet with general approval; and this criticism must be extended to Beecher's subdivision of the class into three orders, named Hypoparia, Proparia and Opisthoparia, based upon the form and position of a groove, the so-called genal suture, which marks the lateral portion of the head-shield.

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