Sentence Examples

  • Actually given the diversity the recipe doesn't really matter as no one characteristic is definable.
  • What, however, with the idealists was an object of thought alone, the absolute, is to Lotze only inadequately definable in rigorous philosophical language; the aspirations of the human heart, the contents of our feelings and desires, the aims of art and the tenets of religious faith must be grasped in order to fill the empty idea of the absolute with meaning.
  • ~ equipment ~ knife di di characterized, and in its most cursive form seems hardly to retain any definable trace of the original hieroglyphic pictures.
  • Word is KipKcos, generally used in the form rcpi?cos), a plane curve definable as the locus of a point which moves so that its distance from a fixed point is constant.
  • A solid angle is definable as the space contained by three or more planes intersecting in a common point; it is familiarly represented by a corner.