Sentence Examples

  • While a background image will only change your page's background to a Christian theme, a complete template will add special font styles and sizes, a header image and customized borders to your entire profile.
  • Spoiler etiquette on most Internet sites and message boards requires a SPOILER! warning be posted in the header or at least several spaces between the beginning of the message and the actual spoiler.
  • Simply select edit this page from the drop-down toolbox, type in your question below the Ask Your Kids Question Right Here header, and click the Save Page button at the bottom of the page.
  • If all you want is a better keyword for your blog header, you can hire a company like SEO7Services to work on that, or any of the other many options they offer (far more than seven).
  • Themes usually include two components - the values that customize your page's background, fonts and border styles and values that specify how the page's header or marquee appears.