Sentence Examples

  • VPI was founded over twenty-seven years ago by Dr. Jack Stephens, DVM, and still employs a team of veterinarians working throughout the company to maintain the focus on helping owners provide their pets with the care they need.
  • Through VPI Pet Insurance coverage for dogs, pet owners can ensure that their dog will also receive the most advanced veterinary treatments and procedures available to meet their dog's healthcare needs.
  • Every Iams and Eukanuba starter kit will now include a special offer from VPI for two free months of comprehensive coverage that will be paid for by Iams if the owners purchase a full year policy.
  • VPI Pet Insurance gives cat owners the confidence to know that they will be able to meet their cat's healthcare needs even when the most advanced veterinary treatments are required.
  • The VPI Insurance website offers a guide to help pet owners understand coverage available and to make an educated decision in choosing the best coverage for their pet's well being.