Sentence Examples

  • More than likely his persistence had roots in his need to win.
  • Deidre wasn't certain if there was any affection for his daughter, though his persistence in healing her was a sign of either care or obligation.
  • They were quick to backtrack when they saw she was upset, but their persistence annoyed her.
  • This article is confined to summarizing the philosophical or scientific arguments for, and objections to, the doctrine of the persistence of the human soul after death.
  • The imagination that death will destroy these powers is unfounded, because (1) " this supposes we are compounded, and so discerptible, but the contrary is probable " on metaphysical grounds (the indivisibility of the subject in which consciousness as indivisible inheres, and its distinction from the body) and also experimental (the persistence of the living being in spite of changes in the body or even losses of parts of the body); (2) this also assumes that " our present living powers of reflection " must be affected in the same way by death " as those of sensation," but this is disproved by their relative independence even in this life; (3) " even the suspension of our present powers of reflection " is not involved in " the idea of death, which is simply dissolution of the body," and which may even " be like birth, a continuation and perfecting of our powers."

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