Sentence Examples

  • While in Rhabdopleura the buds remain in organic continuity with the parent, in Cephalodiscus they become free at an early stage, and the coenoecium accordingly contains a number of separate individuals.
  • The few observations hitherto made on the sites of Ionian cities indicate continuity of settlement and culture as far back as the latest phases of the Mycenaean (Late Minoan III.) Age and not farther, supporting thus far the traditional foundation dates.
  • Physically its continuity is broken by Monte Urticu and several smaller hills which rise within it, but these are all composed of volcanic rock and are the remains of Tertiary volcanoes.
  • The Hari-Rud marks the only important break existing in the continuity of the great central water-parting of Asia.
  • In order to maintain some thread of continuity through the perplexed and tangled vicissitudes of the Italian race, it has been Norman necessary to disregard those provinces which did not ~ immediately contribute to the formation of its history.

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