Sentence Examples

  • He states that the germ is never to be seen in the seed till the apices (anthers) shed their dust; and that if the stamina be cut out before the apices open, the seed will either not ripen, or be barren if it ripens.
  • Herod was a bay horse about 15 hands 3 inches high, possessed both of substance and length,-those grand requisites in a race-horse,-combined with uncommon power and stamina or lasting qualities.
  • The battle of Brcourt was a defeat without a fight for their party without stamina and their general without troops (July 13); while on the 31st of October their leaders perished on the guillotine, where they had been preceded by the queen, Marie Antoinette.
  • The gaggle of women grew, and she glanced at her phone, surprised at the stamina the three had to keep going for hours.
  • They can run up to 35 mph and they have more stamina than a horse.