Sentence Examples

  • The one ounce tube surprisingly really lasts - I use it nearly everyday in my acne-prone areas, under my eyes and on barely-there lines around the mouth, then every two to three days on the cheeks (you do not want to overdo it).
  • It is also worth noting that pregnant women should be especially careful not to overdo the vitamin A, since studies have shown that developing children are particularly vulnerable to the negative effects of vitamin A overdosing.
  • Training obliques in particular can help visually "tighten up" the waist by acting as the body's own girdle, just don't overdo it to the point where they get too bulky and take away from the flat abs you've worked so hard for.
  • Try not to overdo it though; having Beatrix Potter on every surface may appeal to some parents, but for others, a few strategically chosen items on the right color backgrounds will have an even greater Beatrix Potter effect.
  • If couples enjoy the Asian accents of lucky bamboo but don't want to overdo the effect, they may also consider bonsai trees, origami figurines, or miniature Chinese takeout wedding favor boxes in their décor.