Sentence Examples

  • Our author was still further to resemble the latter writer in a great misfortune; from overwork he lost his sight in 1857.
  • After a brief term of active professorial life he died from the effects of overwork in 1712.
  • Retiring, with his health impaired by overwork, to his home in Newark, he died there on the 20th of May, less than three months after relinquishing the cares of office.
  • In 1840, was to lay a new stress on religious teaching, and to obviate the risk of overwork resulting from the simultaneous study of all subjects by the encouragement of specialization in a few.
  • The strain and overwork, however, of the three years of office together with grief at the death of his only son in 1912, had told on his constitution; and after an acute attack of gout, he died in harness at the Consulta on Oct.