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  • Perhaps the most frequent in the Buddhist text is Arahatship," the state of him who is worthy "; and the one exclusively used in Europe is Nirvana, the" dying out "; that is, the dying out in the heart of the fell fire of the three cardinal sins - sensuality, ill-will and stupidity.'° The choice of this term by European writers, a choice made long before anyof the Buddhist canonical texts had been published or translated, has had a most unfortunate result.
  • Themselves giving up this world as hopeless, and looking for salvation in the next, they naturally thought the Buddhists must do the same, and in the absence of any authentic scriptures, to correct the mistake, they interpreted Nirvana, in terms of their own belief, as a state to be reached after death.
  • East of Bamian, representing Sakya Buddha entering Nirvana, i.e.
  • No traces of this are alluded to by modern travellers, but in all likelihood it was only formed of rubble plastered (as is the case still with such Nirvana figures in Indo-China) and of no durability.
  • The theosophic "Path" to the final goal of emancipation or Nirvana, is in a great measure derived from the Buddhist literature, available to the English-speaking peoples through numerous excellent translations, more especially those of Professor T.

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