Sentence Examples

  • Nirvana is constantly defined in them as supreme happiness.
  • NIRVANA, the term in Buddhist theology, meaning literally " blowing out " or " dying out," Skt.
  • East of Bamian, representing Sakya Buddha entering Nirvana, i.e.
  • Seeing Kassapa, who as the chronicle puts it, was as well known to them as the banner of the city, the people at first doubted who was the teacher and who the disciple, but Kassapa put an end to their hesitation by stating that he had now given up his belief in the efficacy of sacrifices either great or small; that Nirvana was a state of rest to be attained only by a change of heart; and that he had become a disciple of the Buddha.
  • The Buddha, on the other hand, obtained Nirvana in his 35th year, under the Bo tree, after he had abandoned penance; and through the rest of his life he spoke of penance as quite useless from his point of view.

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