Sentence Examples

  • We all had nicknames for each other and that's what we used, though some weren't said to their faces.
  • The official surnames must not, of course, be confused with the popular nicknames which were naturally not recognized by the court, e.g.
  • The terms "Precisian," "Puritan," "Presbyterian," were all used by Archbishop Parker in his letters about this time as nicknames for the same party, and ten years later the name was in common use.
  • 10 It is a maxim of the law indeed that, as Coke says, " the knight is by creation and not by descent," and, although we hear of such designations as the " knight of Kerry " or the " knight of Glin," they are no more than traditional nicknames, and do not by any means imply that the persons to whom they are applied are knights in a legitimate sense.
  • When the fashion of personal nicknames passed away, the members of the royal house were usually named from their birthplace, as Thomas " of Brotherton," Thomas "of Woodstock," Edmund of Woodstock," Edmund " of Langley," Lionel " of Antwerp," and so forth.