Sentence Examples

  • Though the fairy belief is universally human, the nearest analogy to the shape which it takes in Scotland and Ireland - the "pixies" of south-western England - is to be found in Jan or Jinnis of the Arabs, Moors and people of Palestine.
  • In stories which have passed through a literary medium, like The Arabian Nights, the geni or Jan do not so much resemble our fairies as they do in the popular superstitions of the East, orally collected.
  • The Jan are now a subterranean commonwealth, now they reside in ruinous places, like the fairies in the Irish raths.
  • The herb rue is potent against them, as in British folk-lore, and a man long captive among the Jan escaped from them by observing their avoidance of rue, and by plucking two handfuls thereof.
  • As our fairies give gold which changes into withered leaves, the Jan give onion peels which turn into gold.

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