Sentence Examples

  • The contemporary notice of South by Anthony Wood in his Athenae is strongly hostile, said to be due to a jest made by South at Wood's expense.
  • Other prominent members of the family were: Montgomery Schuyler (1814-1896) and his cousin Anthony (1816-1896), Protestant Episcopal clergymen; George Washington (1810-1888), treasurer of New York State in1863-1865and of Cornell University in1868-1874and author of Colonial New York: Philip Schuyler and his Family (2 vols., 1885); his son Eugene (1840-1890), who was long in the consular and diplomatic service of the United States, and who translated some of the novels of Tourgeniev and Tolstoi and wrote Peter the Great (1884) and American Diplomacy and the Furtherance of Commerce (1886); and Montgomery (b.
  • 1843), a son of Anthony, and a journalist and writer on architecture.
  • Anthony, Whig .
  • The most famous of the Paduan churches is the basilica dedicated to Saint Anthony, commonly called Il Santo; the bones of the saint rest in a chapel richly ornamented with carved marbles, the work of various artists, among them of Sansovino and Falconetto; the basilica was begun about the year 1230 and completed in the following century; tradition says that the building was designed by Niccola Pisano; it is covered by seven cupolas, two of them pyramidal.

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