Sentence Examples

  • Lana hid between the boulders, gaze glued to the area where the laser missiles dropped.
  • A full-scale, no-holds-barred, nuclear-missiles-raining-down kind of world war would profoundly change the course of human history for all time.
  • 136XAEcv, to throw), the science of throwing warlike missiles or projectiles.
  • After a severe fight, Anang-pal's elephants were so terror-struck by the fire-missiles flung amongst them by the invaders that they turned and fled, the whole army retreating in confusion and leaving Mahmud master of the field.
  • As a young commander of cavalry (praefectus alae) he wrote in his winter-quarters a work on the use of missiles on horseback (de jaculatione equestri), with some account of the points of a good horse (viii.