Sentence Examples

  • Boomerang: This classic shuttle coaster first opened in 1999 and continues to thrill riders as it propels them through a vertical loop and a cobra roll inversion, only to reverse course and challenge the same track backwards.
  • There are a number of different ticket pricing plans available, from single tickets to season passes that include parking and unlimited visits to both Kings Island and Boomerang Bay.
  • Supreme Scream tower ride that reaches 254 feet in the air, the Boomerang steel coaster, and the Perilous Plunge water ride for heart thumping excitement.
  • Along with the new patterned fabric, Michael Kaplan had the famous Starfleet arrowhead, or boomerang, symbol woven into the fabric.
  • There are more than 80 rides at Kings Island, including an extensive kids’ area and a large water park (Boomerang Bay).