Sentence Examples

  • The words 'on the rebound' came swiftly to her mind.
  • Lack of central control over the virtually independent communes (over forty thousand in number) led to a sharp rebound under the Convention, when all matters of importance were disposed of by commissioners appointed by that body.
  • The temperature of a gas is measured by the mean energy of translation of its molecules, which are independent of each other except during the brief intervals of collision; and collision of the separate molecules with the blackened surface of a vane, warmed by the radiation, imparts heat to them, so that they rebound from it with greater velocity than they approached.
  • After impact the two masses will rebound, and the process may be repeated any number of times, but ultimately the two masses will be found again hanging in contact side by side.
  • The long-continued incitement to catabolism of the waking day thus of itself predisposes the nerve cells towards rebound into the opposite phase; the increased catabolism due to the day's stimuli induces increase of anabolism, and though recuperation goes on to a large extent during the day itself, the recuperative process is slower than, and lags behind, the disintegrative.

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