Sentence Examples

  • One of the minions in Betsy's organization had arranged for a pleasure car for her weekend, courtesy of her boss who felt guilty for her frequent out of town travel.
  • It would kill me to take this thing out of my head, and Gabriel and all his … uh minions … aren't allowed to kill me.
  • He preferred this idea, except that it would mean he.d be defending her from Dark One.s minions and demons every minute of the rest of their lives together.
  • Though he kept Sokolli in office, he was suspicious of, the too powerful vizier, whose wise influence he allowed his minions to undermine.
  • Although very hostile to Earl Thomas of Lancaster, Badlesmere helped to make peace between the king and the earl in 1318, and was a member of the middle party which detested alike Edward's minions, like the Despensers, and his violent enemies like Lancaster.