Sentence Examples

  • Clock-faces, milestones and chemists' prescriptions), they are still used for ordinals.
  • The lowest part of the course, between the socalled green milestones, is done at a run.
  • Present Washington county, was originally marked with milestones brought from England, every fifth of which bore on one side the arms of Baltimore and on the opposite side those of Penn; but the difficulties in transporting them to the westward were so great that many of them were not set up. Owing to the removal of the stone marking the north-east corner of Maryland, this point was again determined and marked in1849-1850by Lieut.-Colonel J.
  • This identification is confirmed by Roman milestones in the neighbourhood.
  • Roman milestones and aqueducts also are found, and close by the now famous tomb of Apollophanes, with wall-paintings of animals and other ornamentation, was discovered in 1902; a description of it will be found in Thiersch and Peters, The Marissa Tombs, published by the Palestine Exploration Fund.

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