Sentence Examples

  • In the subdivision of Gaul in the 4th century, Helvetia, with the territory of the Sequani and Rauraci, formed the Provincia Maxima Sequanorum, the chief town of which was Vesontio (Besancon).
  • All details of the object so resolved are perceived, if two diffraction maxima can be passed through the objective, so that the character of the object is seen in the image, even if an exact resemblance has not yet been attained.
  • 13, we suppose that a diffracting particle of such fineness is placed at 0 that the diffracted pencils of the 1st order make an angle w with the axis; the principal maximum of the Fraunhofer diffraction phenomena lies in F' 1; and the two diffraction maxima of the 1st order in P' and P' 1.
  • Abbe showed that for the production of an image the diffraction maxima must lie within the exit pupil of the objective.
  • At least two successive diffraction maxima must be admitted through the objective for there to be any image of the objects.

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