Sentence Examples

  • A value of stimulus, however, is soon reached which evokes a maximal contraction.
  • It has undoubtedly been of value in many cases of tetanus, in which it must be given in maximal doses.
  • It may be added that the maximal import figures for France within the period are those of 1906 (£53,871,661), for Germany those of 1909, and for the United States those of 1901 (£141,015,465).
  • The treatment is to empty the stomach by tube or by a non-depressant emetic. The physiological antidotes are atropine and digitalin or strophanthin, which should be injected subcutaneously in maximal doses.
  • Minimal observations of - 4.0° and - 4.5° have been taken at Yarkand and Lukchun respectively, and maximal observations of 103.2° and 109.5° at the same two places.