Sentence Examples

  • The climate becomes more continental in type from west to east, but there are great local irregularities - the elevated plateaus of Algeria and Spain cause a rise of pressure in winter and delay the rainy seasons: the rains set in earlier in the west than in the east, and the total fall is greater.
  • That the 8-hour and 6-hour waves, though small near midsummer, represent more than mere accidental irregularities, seems a safe inference from the regularity apparent in the annual variation of their phase angles.
  • For very refined work, however, the irregularities in the reproduction of the reseau may be studied by comparing the measures of the original reseau with the mean of corresponding measures of a number of photographed copies of it.
  • Which the irregularities of the shore opposed to its progress.
  • Check the fit surface for irregularities Check general tooth position Disinfect dentures as directed On fit checks: occlusion and levels are they o.k.

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