Sentence Examples

  • Forbes had investigated such important genera as Philepitta and Xenicus, P.L.
  • The chief points in the life-history of Stylops and Xenos, which are parasitic on certain bees (Andrena) and wasps (Polistes), have been investigated by K.
  • Similarly he represented the reactions investigated by Liebig and Wehler on benzoyl compounds as double decompositions.
  • Noetling (Ber., 1885, 18, p. 2657), who investigated the nitro-, amino-, and oxy-xylenes in their relations to the three xylenes or dimethyl benzenes.
  • 2 3, p. 2 377) investigated the condensation of pyroracemic acid, CH 3 CO 000H, with various aliphatic aldehydes, and obtained from two molecules of the acid and one of the aldehyde in the presence of baryta water alkylic isophthalic acids: with acetaldehyde [1.3.51-methylisophthalic acid or uvitic acid, C 6 H 3 CH 3 (000H) 2, was obtained, with propionic aldehyde [1.3.

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