Sentence Examples

  • She reviewed the numbers that popped up on her screen.
  • I., 1890), and La Critique de Bayle (1893); 'mile Gigas, Choix de la correspondence ine'dite de Pierre Bayle (Paris, 1890, reviewed in Revue critique, 22nd Dec. 1890); de Bude, Lettres inedites adressees a J.
  • Finally, Rumford reviewed all the sources from which the heat might have been supposed to be derived, and concluded that it was simply produced by the friction, and that the supply was inexhaustible.
  • This having no effect, he issued the most outspoken of his works, De septem ecclesiae statibus, in which he reviewed the work of the reforming councils of his time, and, without touching the question of doctrine, championed a drastic reform of life and practice of the church on the lines laid down at Constance and Basel.
  • Instead, he reviewed what little he'd learned from Darkyn about the deals Deidre made and the issue of his death-dealers.