Sentence Examples

  • Similarly an absent-minded man is said to be "abstracted," as paying no attention to the matter in hand.
  • Sometimes the qualities common to all the gods were abstracted, and the resultant notion spoiten of as the god.
  • It is compelled to accept its first principles on trust from the science in which it is employed; it cannot cope with the subtlety of nature; and it is radically vitiated by being founded on hastily and inaccurately abstracted notions of things.
  • It is no doubt the finest stimulant for the growth of plants, and that most adapted to restore the fertile elements which the plants have abstracted from exhausted soils.
  • After the fire of 1 184 the monks asserted that they were in possession of the remains of St Dunstan, which had been abstracted from Canterbury after the Danish sack of ion and kept in concealment ever since.

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