Sentence Examples

  • Xander sifted through Ashley's colorful beads, uninterested.
  • He sifted through memories to find who might be connected to his youngest sister.
  • He ascended two floors to the hallway where Kris's supplies had been stocked.  He recalled how hard it could be taking care of a helpless creature like Katie or Toby.  He strode to the chamber that had served as a department store full of clothing to Kris's Immortals.  Not surprised to find the chamber ransacked, he sifted through the remaining clothing on the floor.  He guessed Toby's size and stuffed a bag with a few items before going to the food supplies.
  • By continuing this process every unit of mass which enters B will carry with it more energy than each unit which leaves B, and hence the temperature of the gas in B will be raised and that of the gas in A lowered, while no heat is lost and no energy expended; so that by the application of intelligence alone a portion of gas of uniform pressure and temperature may be sifted into two parts, in which both the temperature and the pressure are different, and from which, therefore, work can be obtained at the expense of heat.
  • A sheet of cardboard is placed above the magnet, and some iron filings are sifted thinly and evenly over the surface: if the cardboard is gently tapped, the filings will arrange themselves in a series of curves, as shown in fig.

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