Sentence Examples

  • We're probably all a little hypocritical at times - and we're all sinners, so I hear.
  • As introducing a discipline of stern repression which made the innocent gaieties of life impossible, and produced a dull uniformity of straitlaced manners and hypocritical morals.
  • Thus while among his own colleagues he seemed merely a hypocritical and arrogant priest, in his relations with his brother humanists, such as Cosimo de Medici, he appeared as the student of classical antiquities and especially of Greek theological authors.
  • The term, with its adjective " formal " and the derived nouns " formality " and " formalism," is hence contemptuously used for that which is superficial, unessential, hypocritical: chap. xxiii.
  • 3 To say that these protestations were hypocritical is to assume too much.

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