Sentence Examples

  • Hurricanes release unimaginable amounts of power, as do earthquakes.
  • In the region of tropical hurricanes the navies, while in the Mediterranean and in the Indian Ocean converging wind system of a circular storm causes a heaping many soundings were made in connexion with submarine up of water capable of devastating the low coral islands of the cables to the East.
  • Hurricanes accompanied with snow (burans, myatels), and lasting from two to three days, or N.
  • More than eight or ten years rarely pass without tornadoes or hurricanes of local severity at least.
  • The temperature of Cutch during the hot season is high, the thermometer frequently rising to roo° or 105° F.; and in the months of April and May clouds of dust and sand, blown about by hurricanes, envelop the houses, the glass windows scarcely affording any protection.