Sentence Examples

  • NORTH CAROLINA, a South Atlantic state of the United States of America, situated between latitudes 33° 5 1 ' 37" (the southernmost point of the southern boundary-35° is the northernmost) and about 3 6 ° 34' 2 5.5" N., and between longitudes 75° 27' W.
  • For high southern latitudes special value in the American method was useless for this purpose.
  • Shore Deposits are the product of the waste of the land arranged and bedded by the action of currents or tidal streams. On the rocky coast of high latitudes blocks of stone detached by frost fall on the beach and becoming embedded in ice during winter are often drifted out to sea and so carry the shore deposits to some distance from the land.
  • Russia the summer is much warmer than in the corresponding latitudes of France, and really hot weather is.
  • In intermediate latitudes there is a loss of heat and then the increased density due to equatorial concentration becomes a factor.

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