Sentence Examples

  • Even worse than the financial and personal damage caused by this hoax was the damage it caused to research conducted by serious investigators, such as the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO).
  • A recent hoax coming out of Georgia provides an excellent example of why you must be very careful to examine all of the evidence in an account before declaring it a valid sighting.
  • After meeting witnesses and staff personally, they found no reason for the staff or owners to hoax the video for extra publicity since the business did not desire extra publicity.
  • So when he surfaced again in 2008 with additional claims of being in possession of a Bigfoot body, many people across the country immediately started to claim it was another hoax.
  • The New Orleans police department was eventually overwhelmed with so many phone calls asking about the rumor that they published a web site explaining that the story was a hoax.