Sentence Examples

  • Its history is not so much that of a single evolving doctrine, but and ignorance," and as " an authoritative imposture."' Later ethical empiricism is more refined.
  • Memoirs of Lord Anglesey were published by Sir P. Pett in 1693, but contain little biographical information and were repudiated as a mere imposture by Sir John Thompson (Lord Haversham), his son-in-law, in his preface to Lord Anglesey's State of the Government in 1694.
  • He is best known by his masterly detection of the literary imposture of Vella, which claimed to be a history of the Saracens in Syria.
  • For a contemporary account of Simnel's imposture, see Polydore Vergil, Anglicae historiae, to which all the later narratives are indebted.
  • Idolatrous cults repose so largely on make-believe and credulity that the priests who administered them, perhaps oftener than we know, fell into the kind of imposture and trickery of which the legend of Bel and the dragon represents a classical example.

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