Sentence Examples

  • Today I would like to highlight how a conservative government will support farmers.
  • Wanting a ring that would highlight her sparkling personality and the glitter of his love for her, he custom designed a new type of ring for her, and that design - the Lumino setting - is one of the company's signature trademarks today.
  • You can highlight something your grandmother used to say, a quote from the Bible, Torah, or another religious text, something your child's teacher said at parent teacher conferences, or another phrase that has special meaning for you.
  • Finally, Pellini and Windischmann are urging magazines to follow suit, and to highlight larger fashion models in at least one upcoming issue, without utilizing a plus size model in a "before and after" or "for your body type" story.
  • When choosing photos for your portfolio, be sure to include photos that highlight features being sought by the company you are approaching, because your photos will most likely be looked at before you ever meet someone face-to-face.