Sentence Examples

  • We'd better watch our step, and not give him any excuse to harass us further.
  • In 1842, as we have said, the last volume of the Positive Philosophy was given to the public. Instead of that contentment which we like to picture as the reward of twelve years of meritorious toil devoted to the erection of high philosophic edifice, Comte found himself in the " positive midst of a very sea of small troubles, of that uncom- Phil°= „ pensated kind that harass without elevating, and sophy.
  • Nevertheless, to the end of his career, he continued to harass and annoy his long-suffering benefactor with fresh impertinences.
  • The Syrian general made fruitless attempts to capture them, and build forts in Judaea whose garrisons should harass Israel (r Macc. ix.
  • - Taxation ought not to interfere with trade if possible, and the object of Adam Smith's maxims, as we have seen, was largely to erect sign-posts warning finance ministers against the kind of taxes likely to harass traders.

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