Sentence Examples

  • In the Boer War of1899-1902Winburg was one of the Boer centres in the guerrilla fighting which followed the fall of Pretoria.
  • Guerrilla war (always successful, as history shows) directly infringes that rule.
  • From Campania the rebels marched into Lucania, a country better suited for guerrilla warfare.
  • The western border was rendered desolate and deserted by guerrilla forays throughout the war.
  • Wellington had further organized the Spanish forces - Castanos (40,000), with the guerrilla bands of Mina, Longa and others, was in Galicia, the Asturias and northern Spain; Copons (io,000) in Catalonia; Elio (20,000) in Murcia; Del Parque (12,000) in the Sierra Morena, and O'Donell (15,000) in Andalusia.