Sentence Examples

  • The effect of the speech was to goad the Sanhedrin into condemning Herod: Hyrcanus postponed their decision and persuaded him to flee.
  • The fable of the centaurs, if the derivation from to goad, Taupos, bull, be accepted (but see Centaur), would indicate the early existence of pastoral peoples living on horseback, like the modern cowboys (cp. "cow-punchers") or gauchos of North and South America.
  • For the first time since his boyhood he no longer felt the daily goad urging him to the daily toil.
  • Napoleon was dissatisfied with these terms, and although he ultimately ratified the treaty, he sent General Lannes to Lisbon as his ambassador, instructing him to humiliate the Portuguese and if possible to goad them into a renewal of the war.
  • The ox was driven forward to the altar, on which grain was spread, by members of the family of the Kentriadae (from ithi rpov, a goad), on whom this duty devolved hereditarily.

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