Sentence Examples

  • We need to be provoked--goaded like oxen, as we are, into a trot.
  • Goaded by the vigorous revival of militant Catholicism which marked the opening of the 17th century, de Luynes tried to put a finishing touch to the triumph of Catholicism in France, which he had assisted, by abandoning in the treaty of Ulm the defence of the small German states against the ambition of the ruling house of Austria, and by sacrificing the Protestant Grisons to Spain.
  • It was shaken (c. 528) by the defeat, at the hands of tributary princes goaded to desperation, of Mihiragula, the most powerful and bloodthirsty of its rulers - the " Attila of India."
  • His subjects had already begun to murmur; resistance, the early parliaments of his reign had been passive and complaisant; but by 1523 the Commons had been goaded into resistance.
  • Racked with the stone, hated by the official clique, thwarted on all sides, Perrot was goaded into using words capable of a treasonable interpretation.