Sentence Examples

  • There were indeed some outbursts of rebellion, some fomented by the nobles of Languedoc (1240-1242), and others emanating from the people of the towns, who were embittered by confiscations and religious persecutions (e.g.
  • In 1246 a formidable conspiracy of the discontented Apulian barons against the emperor's power and life, fomented by papal emissaries, was discovered and crushed with ruthless cruelty.
  • The industrial unrest, fomented by Socialist agitation, culminated in January 1902 ~fl Industrial serious riots at Barcelona and Saragossa, and on Unrest and the 16th of February in the proclamation of a general Socialist strike in the former city.
  • The rising agitation on the subject, fomented for their own purposes by the rabid Aristotelians of the schools, was heightened rather than allayed by these manifestoes, and on the fourth Sunday of the following Advent found a voice in the pulpit of Santa Maria Novella.
  • But the great mass of the people were horrified at the irreligious character of the new regime, and a counterrevolution, fomented by Pope Pius VII., the grand ducalists and the clergy, broke out at Arezzo.

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