Sentence Examples

  • Furthermore, she wasn't stupid.
  • The position was well adapted as an advanced post against invaders from the north, and furthermore guarded the road up the Asopus gorge into the Cephissus valley.
  • Furthermore, since the wind varies in direction and the axis has to follow its changes, a wind vane or some other contrivance to fulfil the same purpose must be employed.
  • The origin of the Pteridophyta (q.v.) is very obscure, but it may be regarded as certain that it is not to be sought among the mosses, which are an extremely specialized and peculiarly differentiated group. Furthermore, both the hydrom and leptom of Pteridophytes have marked peculiarities to which no parallel is to be found among the Bryophytes.
  • Furthermore, would you allow this "I got up and left" vote to include other information about you that cannot be tied to you personally—such as all the movies you rented, went to, and so on—so that this information can be used to help inform the kind of person who gets up and leaves this type of movie?

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