Sentence Examples

  • "We put the numbers in a certain format that makes it easier for them to analyze," I said, trying to sound like I knew what I was talking about.
  • With this may be compared the popular phrases " good form " and " bad form " applied to behaviour in society: so " format;' (from the French) is technically used of the shape and size, e.g.
  • It was begun by establishing a caflrans- network of roads with Lyons as the central point, format Ion and by the development of a, prosperous urban life ~1fR~man in the increasingly wealthy Roman colonies; and it was continued by the disintegration into independent cities of nearly all the Gaulish states of the Narbonnaise, together with the substitution of the Roman collegial magistracy for the isolated magistracy of the Gauls.
  • An encoding format that translates files into 7-bit format for transmission over the Internet.
  • Adapted from the Windmills program ( Peter Hawkins, University of Liverpool ), these electronic resource use the ' solitaire ' game format.

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